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    Suzhou huayi new energy technology co. LTD

    Ethylene carbonate VC


    nameEnglish namesstructuredCas NoAnnual output
    1Ethylene carbonate VCVinylene Carbonate; 1,3-Dioxo-2-one001.png872-36-61000T


    Product function introduction

    Ethylene carbonate is the most ideal organic film additive for lithium ion battery electrolyte. It can effectively improve the SEI membrane performance of lithium ion battery, improve the initial capacity and cycle life of lithium ion battery, and improve the safety performance and storage performance of lithium ion battery.

    Tel:+86 512 53648658
    Fax:+86 512 53642517
    Add:No.8, zhongxin middle road, petrochemical district, taicang port, jiangsu province

    Suzhou huayi new energy technology co. LTD

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