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    Suzhou huayi new energy technology co. LTD

    About Us

    Suzhou huayi new energy technology co., LTD. Was established in 2004, located in the beautiful and fertile city of taicang in jiangsu province. The company covers an area of about 20000 ㎡, construction area of about 7000 ㎡, the company existing staff 70 people, in products generate nearly one hundred million yuan. The company now has 1,000 tons of VC and 1,000 tons of FEC annual capacity, and continues to grow to meet the growing demand of the market.
    Since its establishment, it has obtained four patents of authorized invention of functional additives and eight patents of utility model. In 2012, it won the honorary title of "high-tech enterprise" issued by the Chinese government. In 2006, China passed IS09001 quality certification, and adopted QC engineering drawings and other control techniques to improve product quality in the production process. The company also passed the iso 14001 environmental certification in 2011. In 2017, the company passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and ISO140001: environmental management system certification.
    At present, the domestic top electrolyte is not just China, including Japan and South Korea, Germany and other famous company electrolyte (chemical, mitsubishi chemical, yu cloth XingChan, samsung, LG chemical, Germany basf, etc.), also in the use of products of the company.
    In order to the company's future development, the company had to hire senior experts from Japan - Mr Lin Xili (former Japanese kirin Concorde fermentation), the general manager of our company to strengthen and improve the company's management and technical level.
    After more than ten years of development, China has been in the industry to build a wide range of customer base and good reputation, in the future, China will also to environmental protection as the basic, efforts to study the stability of the high quality of production process, in response to the different high quality requirements of the customers and make unremitting efforts.

    Tel:+86 512 53648658
    Fax:+86 512 53642517
    Add:No.8, zhongxin middle road, petrochemical district, taicang port, jiangsu province

    Suzhou huayi new energy technology co. LTD

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